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Without LimouCONNECT, booking data is submitted by e-mail between the customer and the executing company.

This data must be manually copied and transferred to other media for further processing (copy & paste).

The multiple manual copying of order data is time-consuming and causes errors. This results in costs.

Without LimouCONNECT, amendments must be sent/notified manually and transferred manually to the booking data at the executing company.
The confirmation of the changed data is done manually.

With LimouCONNECT, the order data is entered manually only once initially. Subsequently, this data is always transmitted electronically to the respective partners associated with the execution, saving time and costs.

With LimouCONNECT, all amendmants to the order data are transmitted electronically to the executing operator.
The changed data is directly transferred to the system of the executing operator, the acknowledgement is confirmed.

Without LimouCONNECT, the details of the driver and the vehicle must be sent manually.
The executing company must also keep the data of the vehicles and drivers in its system and keep them up to date.

With LimouCONNECT, the data on drivers and vehicles are transferred from the system of the executing operator directly to the system of the client.
The client always receives up-to-date information on drivers and vehicles. He does not have to keep the drivers and vehicles of the supplier in his system and keep them up to date.

Without LimouCONNECT, the duration or mileage of the booking  must be transmitted after execution manually to the client.
The client must manually transfer this billing-relevant data into his system.

With LimouCONNECT, all relevant data for the execution of the booking are transmitted to the client in real time.
Driver status values such as CARSTART/ENROUTE, ONLOC, POB, PDROP and the associated times and, if applicable, mileage are automatically updated in the client’s system.

LimouCONNECT strengthens your own network
and connects you to the world!

Enables a strong affiliate network
of the users of

Connects the users of
to international affiliates worldwide

Nutzern von LimouWEB, LimouSOLUTION und LimouERP stehen neben den elektronischen (internen) Anbindungen an die weiteren Nutzer dieser Systeme Schnittstellen zu einer ständig wachsenden Zahl externer Plattformen, Auftragsgeneratoren und Beförderungsunternehmen zur Verfügung.







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