The only complete ERP system specifically for coach companies

The high-performance software for demanding coach companies

The idea

The entire business process in a central System

The system

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning
Working as efficiently as the big corporations


Digital connection with customers,
platforms and subcontractors.

Chauffeur communication

App iOS/Android (Smartphone/Tablet), web portal, SMS

Customer service

Offer, booking confirmation, status notifications, advance invoice, collective invoice, customer portal, online booking


Time savings through smart processes
and automation of recurring tasks

When the best is just good enough

Solution4Coach - the premium solution

Much more than a reservation system for bus operators

A complete ERP system for ground transportation providers.
The idea of an ERP system is to map all relevant processes in a company in a central system.
All data, e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers, existed only once and are always available to all users in the current version.
Users of an ERP system do not need any external programs (e.g. CRM, DMS or accounting) when used optimally.

Simple and flexible adaptability due to modular design.

Exact the right scope of services for every business situation
A wide range of available modules enables the compilation of an integrated system precisely adapted to the needs of the company. Customizable at any time!
E.G.: Event module, credit card payment, B2B portal, online booking, auto dispatch, recurring trips, flight tracking, GPS tracking, driver accounting, reporting, fleet management, Tapi interface, booking app (smartphone).


Solution4Coach is 100% customizable to the needs of the company.
Fast and cost effective.
Most users of Solution4Coach are completely satisfied with the available functions and modules.
However, it can always be that e.g. special customer requirements have to be served, well-rehearsed individual processes have to be implemented or connections to certain systems are desired.
Solution4Coach is 100% self-developed by 2S and can be adapted very flexibly in all places.

The best app principle

The optimal technology for every purpose

Desktop application

For the highest efficiency and greatest possible comfort in everyday office life.
Perfect compatibility with Excel, Outlook, etc..

Web applications

For mobile driver communication. E.g. also for the chauffeurs of the suppliers.

Web applications

Everywhere where access via a web browser is needed. E.g. portals for customers and suppliers or online booking.

Mobile apps

For optimal chauffeur communication and convenient and contemporary online booking by customers.

At home in Europe – thinking globally!

The first europe-wide solutions
for the chauffeured driven industry

Made in Europe - Made for Europe

Able to manage all VAT regulations

100% GDPR comliant

Understanding the European specifics of the business

Made for international business

The system language can be customized. EN, FR and DE are already available

The communication with customers, suppliers and drivers is multilingual.

Connected to international platforms and portals.

2S is the European partner of GNet​

Connects Europe based operators to more than 1,500 affiliates in the U.S. and all over the world​

Anytime and anywhere

A live demo tells more than 1,000 words!

Flexible and location-independent

Individual and practical

Time-saving via screen sharing

  • Flexible and location-independent
  • Individual and practical
  • Time-saving via screen sharing
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