What you should know about the limo industry in Europe:

Compared to corresponding companies in the USA, fleets in Europe are usually smaller and most providers operate in the VIP segment.

Predominantly vehicles of Mercedes Benz (S-Class, E-Class, V-Class) are used. These are supplemented by models from Audi and BMW. Luxury models, e.g. from Lancia and Peugeot, are also used regionally. The VW Multivan is also popular as a van for business trips.
SUVs are used much less in Europe than in the USA. They are occasionally part of the available fleets, but are not part of the standard program like sedans and vans.

Vehicle categories
There is an important difference in the common designation of vehicle categories. Types such as the S-Class and E-Class are referred to as ‘limousines’ in Europe. Suppliers from the USA should not be surprised if they book a “Business Sedan” to get a “Business Class Limousine” confirmed.
Vehicles that are usually referred to as “limousines” in the USA are usually referred to as “Stretch Limos” in Europe.
These vehicles are used almost exclusively for private purposes, such as bachelor parties, and are considered inappropriate for business travel.
Stretch limo rental is a completely separate business.

Even though the fleets of European companies are usually smaller than those of their counterparts in the U.S., the Europeans are very efficient even with large bookings and events. They are very well networked among themselves and cooperate very efficiently.

While established providers in the U.S. offer their systems nationwide, solutions in Europe are often only used in one language area because of the different languages.

US systems have not yet been able to establish themselves on a broad scale. On the one hand, their processes are only partially applicable to European ruquirements (e.g. invoicing), on the other hand, the use of these systems by companies based in the EU is a violation of the EU GDPR according to the current legal situation.
2S solutions are already in use in six different EU countries. Our solutions are multilingual and can be adapted to regional specifics.

Way of working
As the way of working is very much determined by national legal frameworks, it is hardly possible to define universal differences between the US and Europe as a whole.
However, one major difference seems to be in the monitoring of the execution of bookings. U.S. companies have often established processes that involve very close monitoring of the individual stages of booking execution. Calls to the operator or driver ensure that all steps of the process are monitored.
This approach is often met with a little incomprehension by European companies. In Europe, the self-image of the executing companies tends to be “If I accept a booking, I have responsibility for it and carry it out. If you don’t hear from me during the execution of the booking, it means that everything is running smoothly.”
In the age of digitalization, technology is helping to bridge “these two worlds” through, for example, automatic status notifications and the electronic transfer of booking data via GNet.

English is taught as the first foreign language in most schools in Europe. In business, many Europeans from different countries speak English among themselves.
In the limo industry you should have no problems with conversation in English.

Top recommendation:

Operators using a 2S solution

The users of a solution from 2S are the technology leaders in their region. The use of this software is a sign that these companies place the greatest value on reliable and efficient processes and the greatest possible customer service.

All users of these solutions can receive digital booking data via GNet. The implementation of further interfaces to external systems is possible at any time upon request. 

Find high quality affiliates at these locations:

Innsbruck (IBK), Salzburg (SZG),
Vienna (VIE)

Antwerpen (NAR), Brussels (BRU), Charleroi (CRL), Liege (LGG)

Cote d`Azur Airport (NCE); Lyon (LYS), Marseille (MRS),( Montpellier (MPL), Paris (ORY, CDG)

Baden-Baden (FKB), Berlin (BER), Dusseldorf (DUS), Hamburg (HAM), Frankfurt (FRA), Freiburg (MLH, BSL, ZRH, STR), Hannover (HAJ, BWE), Köln (CGN), Munich (MUC), Nuremberg (NUE), Stuttgart (STR)

Bergamo (BGY), Firenze (FLR), Milan (MXP, LIN), Pisa (PSA), Torino (TRN) Venice (VCE), Verona (VRN), 

Basel / Mulhouse (MLH, BSL), Geneva (GVA), Zurich (ZRH)


Vienna Cars Limousinen Service GmbH
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Baden-Baden has a very long tradition as a sophisticated spa town with healing thermal springs and noble accommodations. Also, the casino in the style of the Versaille Palace still attracts many visitors from high society.

ELS Executive Limousine Service GmbH
+49 7221 9739790


Berlin is the capital of Germany and with 3.7 million inhabitants also the largest city in this country. After reunification in 1989, many German companies have moved their headquarters to Berlin and many international corporations have opened their European headquarters in Berlin.
Berlin is one of the leading locations for trade fairs and congresses in Europe.
Since the opening of the new BER airport in October 2020, the third hub for international aviation in Germany is located here, in addition to FRA and MUC.
Another important factor for the ground transportation industry is the seat of the German government, parliament, ministries, authorities and many embassies.

24/7 Coachservice GmbH
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ACTION Worldwide Limousines GmbH
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A+M Agentur Maximal UG
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BestDriver Berlin
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Black Limousines GmbH
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FSCC Limousine Service UG
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Hauptstadt-Limousinen Petzold GmbH
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INTERLINE Berlin – CLS Berlin GmbH
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Metropolitan Transportation Group
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MyVIPLimo Brockmann Limousinenservice GmbH
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PIVOTTI VIP Liner – Duering Events GmbH
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PRIME Limousines & More
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United Limousines AG
+49 69 299 22 99 – 0


Cologne and Dusseldorf are the most internationally known cities in a region that is usually called “the West” in Germany.
While Cologne was already one of the most important trading centers north of the Alps in Roman times, the region along the Ruhr River gained importance in the age of industrialization due to mining and steel mills.
Today, the region is a very densely populated industrial center with other cities such as Dortmund, Essen and Oberhausen.

Andrees & Gerling GmbH
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Black Limousines GmbH
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Chauffeur und Limousinenservice Michael Biskup
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Chauffeur & More
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Comfortcars e.K.
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DLS Limousine Service GmbH
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Premium-Drive GmbH
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QualityLine Limousinen- und Chauffeurservice e.K.
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Schneider Chauffeurservice
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United Limousines AG
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+49 177 2472408

VISER by Markus Braun
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Frankfurt is the largest financial and banking center in the European Union. Frankfurt is also the seat of the European Central Bank.
In addition, Frankfurt is one of the major trade fair centers in Europe.
Many companies have their headquarters in Frankfurt or the Rhine-Main area because the central location and the good infrastructure are very attractive.

BEA Limousines
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Chauffeures et Limousines Int.
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DVS Limousinen Service
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German Limousines Network GmbH & Co. KG
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Limousine & Shuttle Frankfurt
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globalmobility Deutschland GmbH
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Rent a Chauffeur GmbH
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United Limousines AG
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Freiburg is a university city in the southwest of Germany. The city is close to the borders with France and Switzerland. It is located on the western edge of the Black Forest and is a good starting point for tourist trips, e.g. to nearby Alsace.

+49 761 897 55 55


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with a population of around 1.85 million. The port of Hamburg is the most important port in Germany and a major transhipment center in northern Europe.
But Hamburg is also very attractive for visitors for  cultural and touristic reasons, as shown by about 15 million tourist overnights in a year.

ACTION Worldwide Limousines GmbH
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Driversline GmbH
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OnMyTravel GmbH
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Paulsen & Ivers GmbH & Co. KG
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T&M Limousinen Service GmbH
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Hanover is as a trade fair city known beyond germanys borders. The airport in Hannover is also frequently used by visitors of the Volkswagen Group.

+49 511 169 37 57


München ist mit knapp 1,5 Millionen Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt in Deutschland und durch das Oktoberfest weltweit bekannt, dass jedes Jahr Millionen Besucher aus aller Welt anlockt.
Darüber hinaus haben viele Unternehmen aus dem In- und Ausland ihren Firmensitz in München oder der näheren Umgebung.
Die Region rund um München ist auch bei Touristen sehr beliebt. Das “Hofbräuhaus” und  Schloss Neuschwanstein sind ein Muss für viele ausländische Touristen.

Bavaria Limousines GmbH & Co. KG
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Flughafentransfer Rosenheim
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Interline München Volk Limousine OHG
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Metropole Chauffeurs
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Tourstar Tours & Chauffeur Service
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United Limousines AG
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Stuttgart is the center of a region in southwestern Germany that is home to many internationally very successful companies. Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Hugo Boss are among the best-known names.
But the real strength of the region is formed by many medium-sized companies that belong to the world market leaders in their niches, especially in mechanical engineering.

BUSINESS DRIVE Lischka Limos & Co.KG
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