Gamechanger for
Independent Operators!

The app especially for independent operators including a direct integration to GNet.
LimouAPP takes your collaboration with independent operators to the next level.
LimouAPP was developed by 2S, an independent software provider.


LimouAPP is fully integrated with GNet

By subscribing to LimouAPP, your suppler is automatically available to you via GNet.
You can farm out trip data to them via GNet and automatically receive vehicle information, driver status, GPS locations and final price informatiom directly in your reservation system.

LimouAPP Features


Digital data exchange between contractor and supplier

By transferring data via GNet in both directions, data is transferred in real time and errors caused by manual copying of data are avoided.
The effort required for telephone calls with the driver is reduced to a minimum, as the current driver status (ENROUTE, ONLOC, POB, PDROP) is transmitted to the contractor in real time.

The quality and reliability of IOs is increased

LimouAPP considerably simplifies the handling of your rides for the IO. This allows them to focus much more on the carrying out of the ride itself and providing the best customer service.

Best support for your supplier

LimouAPP supports the driver in carrying out his rides in the best possible way. The route is calculated for him with the support of Google Maps, including all stopovers.
Important additional information about the passengers, their luggage and their special requirements is clearly listed and cannot be overlooked.

The entire business process in a single app

LimouAPP ensures that the independent operator can focus optimally on his trips. In LimouAPP, he has a complete overview of all active and completed trips, can accept trips via GNet and create invoices.

Independence is the first priority

2S, the provider of LimouAPP, is an independent and owner-managed software company based in Germany.
2S is neither a limousine service nor the operator of an intermediary platform or similar.
2S is solely a leading software provider for the ground transportation industry.

Fair cost model

Downloading the app and registering on LimouAPP is free of charge. There is only a small fee  of USD 1.00 per trip that is managed in LimouAPP.
This means that there is no cost risk for the independent operator when using LimouAPP. The app is always available and he is only charged when he organizes trips in the app.

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